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Stationary billboards

We offer full service media campaigns on billboards, city lights and backlight. We can assist clients from their initial idea, through to selecting the best possible media format for them, and ensuring the job is completed to their utmost satisfaction.


Mobile billboards (ad trailers)

Research shows that the visibility of a moving billboard is at least several times more effective in terms of exposure to potential customers than in the case of a well exposed billboard. They have proven very successful at publicising events, product promotions and openings of new outlets. We are happy to have collaborated with creators of social campaigns and the local government in Poland.

Our core strengths:
A strong constant composition of the company.
10 years experience in the use of Mobile billboards.
10 mobile billboards throughout the country of Poland.
1,000 mobile advertising campaigns implemented throughout the country of Poland

We also have a mega billboard 3x6m, that can also serve as a projection screen.

Projections on buildings

  • • new advertising product
  • • 7 years experience
  • • projects carried out in all major cities in the country of Poland
  • • the possibility of large-format projection advertising in urban areas as well as along the route if required
  • • 10-300 m² that can be displayed in strategic locations
  • • unmatched aesthetics and price compared to other carriers of similar size.

IQ inteligentne kampanie uses high-quality projectors to display dynamic and colourful animation, in addition to advertising on the walls of sites and buildings. Our equipment is able to display colourful moving images ranging from 10m² to 300m². We provide animations that are both external and internal, in excess of 100m², which is relatively new to the European market. For new customers we conduct free demo projection trials.

Projections on glass

Special technology allows you to change store fronts or office advertisements, as well as any other internal glazing. This is delivered on incredibly effective screens. With this solution we can apply our advertising to any glass surface, Introducing bright colour, movement and Impact. This innovation has increased communication between the environment and potential customers.

In addition to the standard exposure for shop windows, projections can be used in places such as:
  • • Exhibitions, banks.
  • • Fairs, galleries, conferences.
  • • Promotional stands in shopping malls.
  • • In public, as a commercial advertising space.
  • • In clubs and pubs as screens to broadcast.
  • • And in many other exciting ways...


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Advertising props

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Our company has recently expanded into the UK advertising market after nearly a decade of successful growth in Poland.




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